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We offer free estimates so you don't end up with any surprises.
Our pricing is directly related to the costs associated with providing our services. We encourage you to ask questions about any charges on your invoice or quote that you're unsure of.
Labour Rate

Labour Rate

Just like any other trade, the labour rate you pay is based on the experience and education of the employee performing the work. We have one of the lowest Journeyman rates in the area and do not charge extra for our Master Electricians that are usually present on every job.

If there is ever an increase in our regular labour rates, we will notify our loyal customers ahead of time so that you are aware.

Truck Rate

Truck Rate

We DO NOT charge you an hourly rate for our trucks to be on your work site.

For travel outside of a 10km radius of Medicine Hat or Bow Island we charge an industry-low fee of $0.65/km round trip.

For our loyal customers we can negotiate a mutually beneficial charge to cover our costs and save you money.


Bucket Truck Rate

If your project requires use of our Bucket Truck, we have a minimum charge of $125. The 2nd hour and beyond is a rate of $80/hour.

Our electricians are trained in the use and operation of the truck, so you will not see an additional charge for an operator.

Materia Costs

Material Costs

Material costs vary by the size/complexity of the project. Our invoices will detail the costs for you right down to the tie-wraps, so you know where the charges are coming from.

Occasionally you will see a nominal fee for 'Truck Supplies'. This is to cover costs of small supplies such as screws, marrets, etc. rather than itemizing them.

Permit Costs

Many projects require our Master Electricians to pull an electrical permit form the proper authority. The costs are set by the Municipality or Alberta Safety Codes Authority. The higher the material & labour costs of the job, the higher the permit cost.

Emergency Priority Service

Emergency Priority Service

If your electrical complications are costing you down-time or are of an emergency nature you have the option to pay an EPS fee in order to get us to the job right away. When you call we'll discuss the time-frame available and if you need the work done sooner, you can negotiate the EPS fee with one of the partners.

We implemented this fee to balance between completing our current projects on schedule and respecting the time sensitivity of emergency jobs.

Freight/Shipping Charges

Freight/Shipping Charges

We have negotiated free regular shipping with our local wholesalers. This means that you will not be charged freight or shipping except in the case of a rush delivery or specialty product not available locally.

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

If your project requires specialty equipment you may see an equipment rental charge on your invoice. We are good at working with other trades on your job site if possible to reduce any duplicate rentals and have good working relationships with the rental companies to ensure a fair and reasonable rate.

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